A picture is worth a thousand words.
Let’s arrange foyers and shop windows so that lots of photos will be instagrammed. Unpaid.

Italian-German shop window  exhibition 2014 curated by Dr. Gaja Amigoni and Julia Theek.
In Lübz, a group of artists crystallized at the summer academy to update traditional art techniques with upcycling and digital staging.
Andre van Uehm discusses consumption with his personal wardrobe. Sven Ochsenreither “sells” the stories of the heroes of his paintings. The contribution by Julia Theek is an art shop that exists only virtually.
 Denmark’s contribution by Putput quotes the classic advertising photograph with a common everyday object that is combined with a second one so that it no longer works. To the inner city vacancy as a result of u.a. To address rural depopulation and to reach a broader public, shopwindows served as staging areas for the same motifs in parallel in both places. The first Italian contribution is a historical photo of the exhibition site on Lake Como. Maria Gabriella Maglia was born in Lecco, studied at the “Academy of Fine Arts” of Brera and won the price of the “Targa Festival of Cannes”. Sergio Sesana, known for his landscapes, shows “Via Fredda”, a well-known typical street in the northern Italian Somasca.
The title Belcoo-Experience refers to the shop window of the butcher shop Flanagans in Belcoo. The long – abandoned business was decked out with a poster for the G8 summit in Northern Ireland to fool passing passengers. Also in surrounding communities, photo slides were stuck in shop windows to stage busy shops and cafes.